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About Troy Marsh


Troy is respected by the judges and lawyers in the area.  His reputation as a tireless and knowledgeable advocate for his clients is widely known….Troy is always thoroughly prepared to present each case and achieves winning results for his clients.

Endorsement from Kirk Gilliard, fellow attorney in Augusta, GA

Why Hire Troy Marsh As Your Attorney?

I could use this space to write about all the AVVO awards I have received or list out all the peer endorsements and reviews from previous clients, but I won’t. I would like to use this brief time I have your attention to write to you why hiring me, a one-attorney firm, is your way to go.

First of all, the severity of your injury or case should not be a determining factor. Whether it’s a fractured pinkie or the wrongful death of a child, you should feel confident that I can handle the case.  

I know you may have questions like, “If he’s by himself, can he responsibly handle a high-stakes case like mine?”, “Where is his back-up?”, “What if he gets sick – who’s going to make sure nothing goes wrong in my case?”. Just because I’m the only lawyer in my firm doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m the only lawyer that will work on your case. Being a sole practitioner allows me to associate lawyers that have specialized knowledge or recent experience in a similar case without you, the client, having to pay any additional fee. In other words, I participate in and contribute to groups that bring together thousands of lawyers who ask questions, share ideas and experiences, and regularly work on cases together via joint representation agreements.

Here is an example:

Suppose a prospective client’s car rolled over, and due to a defective design the roof caved in, causing massive brain injuries.  Such a case involves a multitude of legal and medical issues that require a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers to handle.  It would be irresponsible for one lawyer to take on such a case and try to handle it on his own. However, the reason that I am best suited to handle such a case is that I have the freedom to hand-pick the best of the best lawyer for each major issue in the case.  

Let’s suppose the car was a 2013 Widget Trashmobile.  Through my contact with thousands of other lawyers, I know that Lawyer Smith, a partner in the firm Smith, Doe, and Doe, recently sued the Widget company in a similar case and won a jury verdict in the millions. Through the discovery process, Lawyer Smith likely has valuable information about the Widget company that might benefit the client. Suppose that the brain injury actually involves a specific area of the brain called the Wernicke area, just beneath the parietal lobe, and I know that Lawyer Tibbs, a partner in the firm Tibbs, Mann, and Rock, recently tried a case that involved a similar injury to the Wernicke area of the brain. Lawyer Tibbs likely has valuable information about the anatomy and purpose of the Wernicke area. Finally, suppose that the part of the roof that failed was manufactured by a foreign company and sold to Widget for use in the Trashmobile.  I know that Lawyer Janis, a partner in the firm Janis, Joffrey, and Jinkies, recently sued that foreign company and likely has valuable information about the company’s organization hierarchy and other matters.

Armed with this knowledge, I would associate Lawyer Smith, Lawyer Tibbs, and Lawyer Janis to be my client’s “Dream Team.”  Instead of having one lone lawyer, my client has the best-of-the-best working for her. The question then arises, “Why not just hire Lawyer Smith or Lawyer Tibbs or Lawyer Janis and forget about this sole practitioner in Statesboro, Georgia?”  “Why do I even need Troy Marsh?”

This is where the real benefit in hiring me becomes clear.

Pretend the client hires Lawyer Smith instead of me. Lawyer Smith agrees to represent the client on a contingent fee basis, i.e. Lawyer Smith receives a fraction, or percentage, of any money recovered. Lawyer Smith’s partners want and expect that fee to be paid, in full, to the firm. Suppose that Lawyer Smith knows that Lawyer Tibbs recently tried the case involving a similar injury to the Wernicke area of the brain. Suppose that Lawyer Smith knows that no lawyer in his own firm has ever handled a case involving a similar injury. Lawyer Smith knows that, if he associates Lawyer Tibbs, Lawyer Smith will have to split his fee with Lawyer Tibbs.  However, if Lawyer Smith keeps the case in his own firm and learns about the injury the best he can, Lawyer Smith keeps the entire fee.  What do you think Lawyer Smith will do?

Beyond the financial incentive to keep a case in-house, lawyers do not like to admit that an outside lawyer is more qualified to handle a particular legal issue. Lawyers, especially partners, are always trying to cultivate new referral sources, and current clients are one of the best referral sources. If Lawyer Smith associates Lawyer Tibbs, the client will discover that Lawyer Tibbs is more qualified that Lawyer Smith, and the client might, in the future, refer a case to Lawyer Tibbs instead of Lawyer Smith.  Lawyer Smith does not want that to happen.  Lawyer Smith’s partners do not want that to happen.

I, on the other hand, owe no duty to a partner to keep a case to myself.  The only duty I owe is to you – my client.  I owe you a duty to provide the best possible representation, whether that comes from me, solely, or from a “Dream Team” hand-picked by me to fit the specifics of your case.

I do not have to answer to anyone if I split my fee with a lawyer in another firm. I do not have to justify to a partner the reason that I associated Lawyer Tibbs. I owe it to you, my client, to associate the most qualified talent out there, and that is what I do.

So, do you want a Dream-Team, or do you want a firm that might resist associating outside attorneys?



Trial attorney and owner of THE MARSH LAW FIRM, since 1998

Part-time instructor at Georgia Southern University, since 2013


Mercer University School of Law, 1994 – Juris Doctor, cum laude

University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, 1987 – Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources

Georgia Southern College, 1982-1985 (Pre-forestry and Pre-law)


Georgia, 1994
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia
U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia
U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit
All State and Superior Courts in Georgia
Court of Appeals of Georgia
Supreme Court of Georgia


Juris Doctor, cum laude, 1994
Ryals Foundation Scholar
Frances Wood Wilson Scholar
ABA Mentor


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