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Slideshow April 5, 2011

Injured in Southeast Georgia – Call Troy Marsh!

With more than 18 years of experience in personal injury/insurance laws and DUI/criminal defense, Troy knows what is important. He will work tirelessly to achieve the desired outcome in regards to medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other critical portions of your case. Did you receive injuries on a bicycle, as a pedestrian, […]

Slideshow April 5, 2011

Getting arrested in Bulloch County, GA

If you have been arrested, then what you do next is important to your future. Know your rights, know what is in your best interests, and know you have options. You do not have face the charges alone. Call Troy Marsh and he will give you his best advice on what to do. Do not […]

Slideshow April 5, 2011

A car wreck can happen anywhere to anyone.

If you are involved in a car wreck, do not wait – call me.

Slideshow April 5, 2011

So you were pulled over for DUI, now what?

Driving Under the Influence laws are VERY strict in Georgia. Even first time offenders can lose their licenses, depending on the circumstances. Do not enter into your case alone. Hire an attorney to represent you immediately and get the help you need to achieve the most attainable resolution. Although Troy cannot guarantee an outcome in […]

Slideshow April 5, 2011

Injuries should not be taken lightly.

Insurance companies do not protect the interests or rights of the people involved in an auto collision. The job of the insurance company is to protect the company itself and its financial interests. Do not enter into a conversation about your injuries sustained in the wreck without an attorney present –EVER! Be sure to have […]