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Are you or your child facing criminal charges like DUI, possession of marijuana or other controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance like marijuana, obstruction of law enforcement, underage possession of alcohol, trespass, possession or use of a fake identification document, battery, possession of drug paraphernalia, or other crime?

Or, do you have a son or daughter who attends Georgia Southern University and got a ticket or got arrested?

Criminal charges are scary. When you’re scared, it’s hard to think about anything else besides being scared. You want to know what you should do, but sometimes you don’t even know if you’re asking the right questions. Every time you try to think about it, you just end up thinking about being scared.

There are lots things about the criminal justice system that can be scary. A frantic mind can come up with lots of questions all at the same time. When is my court date? What will happen in court? Will I have to say anything in court? Am I going to jail? Is there anything I can do to stay out of jail? How much is this going to cost me? Why did I do that? Who can I trust? Am I going to lose my job? Will this be on my record? How can I keep it off my record? And on and on…
Are you having conversations with yourself like this?

Hey, what about that girl that got arrested a few years ago. Didn’t she get probation and a fine? Is that what you’ll get? The charges are about the same, aren’t they? Yeah, but she got three charges and you got only two. That makes a difference, doesn’t it? Why don’t I know these things? Where can I get answers? Hey! The internet! The internet knows everything!
Beware of the internet!

The internet can be a good place to find information IF you know where to look. But, it can be a bad source of information if the source isn’t reliable or the information is outdated or incorrect. The information may not even apply to your case. You may find information that somebody made up and posted on the internet as a prank. How are you supposed to know?
Once you decide that you need a lawyer, you should know the difference between a private defense attorney and a public defender.

I am a private criminal defense attorney.

I am NOT a public defender.

If you are indigent, which means you cannot afford to hire a private attorney, you may qualify for free representation by a public defender. You will need to fill out an application for a public defender. If your application is approved, the public defender will be your attorney. However, public defenders have very little time and resources to work on your case and result in poorer success, according to research done by the Justice Policy Institute.  Overloaded Public Defense Systems Result in More Prison Time, Less Justice.

I enjoy my profession so much that I teach criminal law and criminal procedure to students at Georgia Southern University!

Every person is presumed to be innocent until the government proves every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.  Criminal charges do not have to mean the end of a school or work career.

I’d love the chance to help you and your family. Call me at (912) 764-7388 or toll free at (877) 627-7452.


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