Broken bones are one of the most frequent reasons for injury hospitalization each year in the United States. They can be caused by traumatic events such as slip and falls, being struck by or against an object, car crashes/collisions, and repetitive stress injuries. Recovering from this type of injury can mean losing time from work, not being able to engage in everyday activities and having to rely on friends and family to get around while you heal.

Bones can break in any number of ways. You may suffer any of a number of different types of bone fractures, depending on the circumstances of the collision. They include:

  • Hairline Fracture — A small crack in the bone.
  • Simple Fracture — When the bone breaks but the skin remains intact.
  • Compound Fracture — A broken bone that breaks the skin. This typically requires surgery to correct.
  • Avulsion Fracture — A break that involves a piece of the bone, or a tendon or ligament, pulling away from the bone. This may require surgery to correct.
  • Greenstick or Buckle Fracture — These two types of fractures are more common in children, whose bones are softer. They involve part of the bone bending or buckling but not breaking entirely.
  • Transverse Fracture — This is when a bone breaks across the surface, snapping into two pieces.
  • Oblique Fracture — A diagonal break that usually happens when one bone twists over another one.
  • Comminuted Fracture — When a bone breaks into multiple pieces or is crushed.

Broken bones are particularly common in crashes/collisions because of the force of the impact. Someone who’s been in a serious crash, or struck by a car while walking or biking can sustain multiple bone fractures and some types of bone injuries are more common than others in motor vehicle crashes.

When it comes to broken bones, these are most often associated with crashes/collisions:

  • Neck and Spine Fractures
  • Facial and Skull Fractures
  • Limb Fractures
  • Hip and Pelvis Fractures
  • Rib Fractures
  • Wrist and Ankle Fractures

Of the 6 million broken bones that occur each year, 300,000 of those are either slow to heal or do not heal at all with standard forms of treatment. Broken bones are painful and can take a very long time to heal. Bone injuries can require expensive surgery to correct and most times involve rehab or physical therapy.

If you or a loved one have experienced broken bones because of another party’s negligent or reckless conduct, let us help. Our goal is to secure the compensation you deserve so that you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery. Contact us today.



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