A large majority of trucking companies are small companies with fewer than three trucks who don’t have shipping contracts with larger shippers. These small companies often operate on shoestring budgets and get many of their loads to haul from internet websites where they agree to haul loads that other large motor carriers are obligated to haul under terms of their transportation service agreements with large shippers.

The large motor carriers will “bid out” these loads to the cheapest bidders and retain the profits, even if the company they award the bid to is insolvent, unsafe, or doesn’t carry enough insurance.

When the smaller trucking company causes a crash, the contract motor carrier may try to disclaim any responsibility and their insurance company may refuse to compensate the victims. This situation is why the law recognizes that the trucking company who agreed to haul the cargo by contract may be held vicariously liable for the acts of the independent contractor that caused the truck crash/collision.

See also Tractor-Trailer Crash/Collisions

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